6 Benefits of High School Class Trips

class tripWith an increased focus on standardized testing and budget cuts for schools across America, it’s no wonder the trend for high school class trips has been declining over the past few years. However, numerous studies have all concluded that class trips are very beneficial to high school students in a number of different ways.

How Class Trips Positively Affect High School Students

1. Real-world Application of Classroom Studies. During class trips students are able to see how concepts they’ve been learning in the classroom actually apply to the real world. Not only does this help encourage an interest in their studies, but it also helps students to think conceptually about possible career choices.

2. Increased Curiosity. Teachers are constantly challenging their students to think. What better way to achieve this than to encourage their curiosity towards the world around them? Many students have discovered a newfound passion during class trips that they bring home with them and continue to nurture throughout their lives.

3. Heightened Cultural Awareness. By exposing students to different cultures, class trips often end with the majority of participating students showing more appreciation and respect for other cultures. This encourages students to be more open-minded towards other students who come from different backgrounds. It also helps prepare them for the many cultural differences they will likely face as adults.

4. New Learning Experiences. Most teachers will agree that students should be exposed to a variety of different teaching methods throughout their academic lives. Class trips provide a whole new learning experience for students that they simply cannot achieve inside the classroom.

5. Enhanced Planning Skills. Class trips force students to plan in ways that they may have never experienced before. Not only will they have to make sound decisions on what and how much to pack, but they’ll also have to spend some time creating a budget and saving money for the trip. During the trip students will be forced to adhere to a schedule outside of the classroom, much like what they would experience as adults in the real world.

6. Better Overall Performance in School. Research has shown that high school students who have attended class trips tend to perform better in school than those who have not. More than likely, this is due to the learning experience that class trips provide, as well as all of the benefits of student travel mentioned above.

Bottom line: Class Trips are Fundamental to Student Success

The schools that have recognized this truth are giving children the learning experiences that they deserve. It’s hard to argue when there is so much great research to back it up. If you’re having trouble raising funds for student travel, check out these 50 fundraising ideas for inspiration!

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