How Volunteering as a Teacher can Forever Change your Life

volunteering as a teacherLearning is a never-ending process. Volunteering as a teacher is a fulfilling opportunity for anyone, whether they have a degree in education or they simply have the passion for sharing knowledge. Since learning can take place anywhere, it is safe to say that teaching can also happen beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.

For travelers, there’s the whole world to see and a whole lot of information to digest. One may begin to appreciate the things they are more fortunate to have when visiting places that aren’t as developed as their hometowns. Teachers, in particular, may observe how different education systems all over the world can be and how different students from different countries appreciate learning opportunities. This is why volunteering as a teacher during your travels can be such a meaningful and eye-opening experience.

Benefits of Volunteering as a Teacher

  • Immersion – Traveling means stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things. By being a volunteer teacher, you can further immerse yourself in your community. Each place has its own way of running things, and by being more aware of these regional differences, you can have a better grasp of what teaching a diverse audience means.
  • Exposure to unique environments – When traveling to other countries, you can get exposed to more unique learning environments. There are places where schools are in the mountains and you’d have to cross rivers just to teach. In some areas of the world, there aren’t even proper classrooms. In your real job, you may be teaching in a modern and comfortable classroom setup or volunteering in more depressed regions of the world. Regardless, your exposure to unique learning environments will hone your skills both as a teacher and as a traveler.
  • Unmatched genuine experience – Let’s face it. The word “volunteer” may discourage some people because it means not having monetary compensation for the work they will do. Teaching is not an easy task and if you’re really into it, it takes a good amount of preparation to give lessons to your students. However, being a volunteer teacher gives you a genuine experience of what it’s like to teach for the sake of teaching, especially in far-flung places. Traveling and teaching simultaneously can open your eyes and give you a whole new perspective of what it’s like to share knowledge while learning from the process of volunteering. One great benefit of being a volunteer teacher is that it would reflect positively on you when you include it on your resume. Teaching and gaining a unique experience during your travels can have a strong and positive impact on your life, on a professional and personal level.

Opportunities for Volunteering as a Teacher

The following organizations offer some amazing volunteer opportunities for teachers. Check them out and see if anything looks like a good fit:

Teachers are almost always welcome in various classroom setups. And where there is a lack of teachers, one can expect the warm embrace of eager minds looking forward to learn. Don’t limit your travels to just seeing the world. Experience it and take home valuable lessons you won’t find elsewhere by becoming a volunteer teacher.

Don’t feel like volunteering as a teacher just yet, but still love to travel? Plan a class trip with CE Tours and take your students on a learning adventure they’ll never forget!

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